Release Of Information Process

All inquiries regarding records requests must be submitted by email to our dedicated Request Support Team


All inquiries regarding records must be submitted by email.


From the day our Process Center receives your request, your request is subject to TWENTY 20 business days turnaround

Do not call for status during this period. We will keep you posted on any updates

Pico Rivera Chiropractic does not accept record requests by fax, email, or drop service. Every Medical, Billing, and X-ray record request must be mailed to our Process Center at 1142 S. Diamond Bar Blvd PMB 310, Diamond Bar, CA 91765DROP SERVICE IS NOT AUTHORIZED.

Any request directed or in "care-of" to a Third-Party Release Of Information Company will be rejected

Your Subpoena or HIPAA Authorization request must be directed to "Pico Rivera Chiropractic". The "Treating Doctor's Name" must also be specified in the request. Pico Rivera Chiropractic is not represented by any Third-Party Release of Information Company.

Processing Fee

We require, in advance, a non-refundable Initial Processing Fee of $15 for every record type requested —as each record type is retrieved and processed separately. This fee is not for the total cost of records, and it is only to start the retrieval process.

Production Cost

If records (digital, paper, storage) are found, a Final Invoice for the reproduction cost, the certification process, and the digital distribution of the records, will be submitted to your office for approval. This final reproduction cost must be made payable to our medical practice "Pico Rivera Chiropractic" for our valuable time in making records available.

Checks Must be payable to "Pico Rivera Chiropractic"

Five 5 Days Download

Our practice will not fax, email, upload, or mail our patient's Private Health Information (PHI). Requested records information will be electronically delivered through our secure Portal. (High-grade SSL data encryption at transfer and 256-bit AES at rest).

As soon as your request is completed, we will notify you by fax or email. You can download your file as many times as you need for ONLY 5 FIVE DAYS, from our email notification date. If for whatever reason, a file needs to be re-uploaded, there will be an Upload Process Fee charged to your firm.

Personal Appearance

Subpoenas for Personal Appearance must be personally served directly to the medical doctor, or to the most knowledgeable person who you are requesting to appear or testify at trial or hearing. Witness fees per California Government Code §68092.5, must also be included and payable to the medical provider's name at the time of service.

PLEASE read thoroughly the California Government Code §68092.5:

(a) The party designating the expert is responsible for any fee charged by the expert for preparing for the testimony and for traveling to the place of the civil action or proceeding, as well as for any travel expenses, unless otherwise determined by the court.

(b) The service of a proper subpoena or notice accompanied by the tender of the expert witness fee described in subdivision (a) is effective to require the party employing or retaining the expert to produce the expert for testimony. If the party serving the notice or subpoena fails to tender the expert’s fee under subdivision (a), the expert shall not be required to appear at that time, unless the parties stipulate otherwise.

Subpoenas for personal appearance must be personally served directly to the provider whom you are requesting to appear or testify at the trial or hearing. Our process center address is only for receiving correspondence.

Any "personal service" will not be accepted.

Referring Law Firms

Please DO NOT submit a request for records if you are the "Referring Firm". Just send us an email, providing your client's demographics. Please specify that you are the Attorney who referred the patient for treatment, and we'll serve you with copies of any and all reports available.